Posted by: Webmaster | May 26, 2011

Wind Scene (Chrono Trigger)



  1. Thx, helped a lot! Waiting for more!

    • Any specific Chrono Trigger songs you are looking for?

      • Lavos’ Theme! Please!
        Also do you make these yourself, and is it possible to get some Lufia II love!? Thanks!

      • I’ve done some searching and wasn’t able to find a Lavos theme (strangely) or anything from Lufia 2 (at least not for a 8-12 hole ocarina). I am doing my best to find these tabs for you and will contact you as soon as or if I am able to find them. Sadly, I’m not musically gifted and the stuff on this website so far has been found here and there.

      • Lavos is good, but for an ocarina Schala’s Theme is more appropriate, don’t you think.
        Or, since we’re talking about CT, Corridors of Time would be THE tab. It’s the most refreshing and… I don’t know even how to say…. maybe “contemplative”, song.
        Let’s search for more tabs.

  2. Sorry it’s taking so long, but working on Corridors of Time for 12-hole. It switches from Alto to Soprano though, but I’ll put the part on there to tell the person to do it.

    • All good, mate, take your time.

      • I just started yesterday is the reason why, and then I had to make the little ocarina symbol by paint. I’ve been working on Paint Tool Sai for the rest of it. Seems to work well. Nobody seemed to had the tabs, so…

  3. I got it done… but the bad news is that it’s for two ocarinas and i’ll probably need to make a double ocarina one for those who have them. sorry =_=, but here it is:

    • Something of this sounds… off… Try taking off the flats, for me it makes it sound better…

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