Posted by: Webmaster | January 7, 2012

A Place I’ll Return to Someday (Final Fantasy IX)

The title theme for Final Fantasy IX. I haven’t played this one so I’m not sure if it is accurate or easy to play. Feedback on this tab sheet would be welcomed!

Difficulty: ???



  1. Thanks for the tabs! I’m going through FF9 again for like.. the bilionth time and finding ocarina tabs for this game is great :D One of my favourite songs too :D The song isn’t too hard to play, it’s keeping the speed which I find can be confusing. Once I learn the sets off by heart, it shouldn’t be a problem at all :D

  2. Cant find any four hole ones, so gonna make my own.

  3. The tabs for this song are spot on to my ears. I would rate this as easy to play because the fingering does not require the low A, B, and B flat notes which some beginners have difficulty accurately playing.

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