Posted by: Webmaster | January 7, 2012

Brendoge’s Collection (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Brendoge has made some excellent ocarina tab sheets. He has tabbed most of the popular songs from Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask. I have played a few of these on a 12 hole ocarina and they are relatively accurate. They make up for thier inaccuracies by being easy to play.

Difficulty: Easy



  1. What does it take to find some dang 7 hole Ocarina music?!

  2. i dont know if its just me but some of the songs may not be right

    • i agree. i played zeldas lullaby and it ends early i think

    • it doesent sound right at all because the octives are wrong i know

    • Definitely wrong notes. If you want to find the correct notes, try OcarinaPlayer’s channel on youtube, it’l direct you to some tabs and that’s how I learnt Zelda’s lullaby.

      • Thank you for the input. Sometimes it is difficult to reproduce the notes on an ocarina because of it’s octave range. Some people try to fill in the notes that can’t be played on an ocarina by substituting one note for another. I think that’s what Brendoge was trying to do here. Also, if you don’t find these tabs to be accurate, there are probably some other tab sheet on this site for the same song that are more accurate.

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