Posted by: Webmaster | January 7, 2012

Credits Theme (Metroid Prime)

A great song for Metroid fans! Unfortunately this song is rather fast paced and rather difficult to play. Not for beginners.

Difficulty: HARD



  1. Hello my name is Omar and I have 2 weeks with my ocarina of 12 was heard and been practicing and I found this website.

    I must admit that the lyrics is very difficult for 2 reasons 1 – the lyrics are hard to play 2 – I get used to playing normal scores is difficult to play with the anotasiones with which descrive

    Thanks for this great and websites.
    Omar Garza

    Hola mi nombre es omar y llevo 2 semanas con mi ocarina de 12 oyos e estado practicando y encontre este sitio web.

    debo admitir que esta cansion es muy dificil por 2 motivos 1- la cansion es dificil de tocar 2- estoy acostubrado a tocar en partituras normales y es dificil tocar con las anotasiones con las que se descrive

    Gracias por esta gran pajina web.
    Omar Garza

    • Thank you for your input on this song Omar!

      And I’m glad this website can help you with your practice!


      Gracias por sus comentarios sobre este tema Omar!

      Y me alegro de este sitio web pueden ayudarle con su práctica!

  2. Can you make some tabs of more metroid songs for a 6 hole Ocarina? :)

    • I have found some more Metroid tabs for a 4 hole ocarina. Just cover the bottom two holes on your 6 hole ocarina to play them.

      • Thanks ;D

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