Posted by: Webmaster | January 7, 2012

Departure (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles)

Departure is a fan favorite from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series. It is originally played with a wind instrument and sounds as though it fits in well with the ocarina adaptation. I haven’t tried this one personally but I am told it is very good. Leave me a comment if you can help. Thanks!

Difficulty: Medium



  1. this song is a great song to play! I am just starting out with learning to play an ocarina, and this song is making a wonderful first song. It takes lots of practice, and listening when it comes to the actual song (to get the tempo right), but overall I learned most of it well in just a day or two of constant practicing. A few days more, and I’ll have it down all the way, and be able to play it by heart.

    Since I am a beginner, I’d rate this as medium to easy to learn, if ones heart is in it.

  2. Thank you very much for this great song and website !

    • You’re welcome!

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