Posted by: Webmaster | January 7, 2012

Forest Haven (Zelda: The Windwaker)

Forest Haven is a somewhat slow paced song from Zelda Windwaker.

Difficulty: Easy



  1. This is my fav song from Windwaker… and it’s prolly because it’s the remix of my fav from Ocarina of Time, Kokiri Forest =P I loved how in windwaker all the classic themes from Ocarina were remixed for various islands and whatnot, it was so awesome!

  2. can someone tell how to use tabs that have sequence?

  3. Well, the sequence is written on the bottom. Basically, just follow that. I find sequence tabs harder to read because you have to remember the order, when I make my own tabs I will write tab out the repeated sections and the order they are in. . . may be longer, but nowhere near as confusing.

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