Posted by: Webmaster | July 10, 2012

Selbina (Final Fantasy XI)

Today I bring you the Selbina town music! Selbina was one of my favorite towns when I played FFXI. I’m happy to bring you this great tune on the ocarina! I hope you all enjoy this song!

Difficulty: Hard



  1. Hi, Dont hesitate to create our tabs with this website : for your blog :D

    • That is an excellent tab composer! I will definitely check it out!

      • Thank you very much Xelloss ! I have some difficults to luch this project ! Thank you for your support ;)

  2. Hi. I just finished making a kirby tab and I have the png right here. Anyway could I work with your blog I’d love to become a member. Here it is: Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Bubbly Clouds.


    • Thank you for taking interest in the blog! I haven’t really thought about taking contributors yet but I will consider it. I’ll add that tab sheet to the blog with your permission, just tell me if it’s alright!

      • Sweet thanks! Send me a DM at twitter for anything else as I’m working on many other tabs. You have full permission, let me know if I can contribute in any other ways.

        Heres a youtube video in case you didn’t find one:

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