Posted by: Webmaster | January 21, 2013

Green Sleeves (Folk: Europe)

12 Hole Version


6 Hole Version




(Blow softly on notes with red holes)

4 Hole Version

green sleeves 4 hole

Here we have the much requested Green Sleeves tabs for 4, 6, and 12 hole ocarinas! Enjoy this slow classic on your ocarina of choice!

Difficulty: Easy



  1. Good job. I’m so happy that this site still lives.

  2. Good Job on the tabs, but you are incorrect, greensleeves is a traditional English folk tune from the Tudor period.

    • Thank you I’ll fix it!

  3. The tabs don’t produce the sound quite right for 12 hole ocarina for this song. a few notes are off.

    • It could be the ocarina doesn’t have the range needed to be fully accurate. If you find an adjustment that works please tell us though.

      • Not to be rude but on the 12 hole ocarina tabs, you’re missing an 1F flat. It’s near the last part of the song.

      • You’re missing an 1F# on the 12 hole ocarina about 6 notes in from the last note of the song. It’s between 2G and 7E.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing, this site is great :)

    • I’m glad I could help!

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